Terms and Conditions

Applying to all performances offered by or arranged with Clive Conway Celebrity Productions Ltd ("C.C.C.P.L.")

In these Terms and Conditions, the "Promoter" is the person or company operating the venue where a performance is to take place and "C.C.C.P.L." is Clive Conway Celebrity Productions Ltd. These Terms and Conditions are incorporated in all contracts between CCCPL and Promoters to the exclusion of all other Terms and Conditions. Variations of these Terms and Conditions are not effective unless in writing signed by an authorized representative of C.C.C.P.L.

  1. The Promoter is to provide, at its cost, all staging, and technical staff for get in, rehearsal, performance and get out, and all technical equipment for the performance (the specification to be as notified to the Promoter and confirmed in the Technical Rider sent to the Promoter at the time of the contract confirmation - minimum to be as set out in the Schedule below), and to provide any Special Requirements notified to the Promoter.
  1. Where flyers and posters are to be provided by C.C.C.P.L., the agreed number will be sent to the Promoter and the Promoter is to organise the overprinting of these at its cost.
  1. All printed matter must include: "Presented in association with Clive Conway Celebrity Productions Ltd" and name all the performers appearing in the Production, with the exception of tickets which should carry only the name of the Production.
  1. The Promoter is to promote the Production in all seasonal brochures and other usual publicity outlets. The Production must always be given its full name as above. The prior approval of C.C.C.P.L.must be obtained as to the nature and style of publicity and promotion (and related materials) before release.
  1. The Promoter is to arrange and provide, at its cost, coffee/tea on arrival, plus a light buffet between rehearsal and performance plus tea/coffee and mineral water during interval, and any other items referred to above.
  1. Security The Promoter will be responsible for the security of all artistes and C.C.C.P.L. personnel while at or entering or leaving the promoter's premises and for ensuring that there is no unreasonable interference with the Artiste(s). Security to be provided by the Promoter, at its cost, will include as a minimum at least one staff member responsible for restraining (and if appropriate removing) unruly members of the audience and any additional security measures referred to in the Special Requirements.
  1. All rights in the Production, its name and promotional material provided by C.C.C.P.L. are reserved to C.C.C.P.L., the artistes, writers and copyright holders (as appropriate). Sound or video recording or broadcasting in any form are not permitted and the Promoter must not permit any person to attend the Production with any form of audio or visual recording device.The Promoter will take such further measures as C.C.C.P.L. reasonably requires to ensure that no recording or broadcast is made including, as a minimum, making appropriate announcements at the beginning of the Performance.
  1. The Promoter is to afford reasonable facilities for the merchandising of books, CDs, DVDs and other merchandise which in the reasonable opinion of C.C.C.P.L. is appropriate to be sold in association with the Production
  2. Cancellation by C.C.C.P.L. C.C.C.P.L. will provide the performance as advertised unless any artiste does not appear because of illness or supervening circumstances (including work that any artiste is or becomes (before or after the booking with the Promoter is made) contracted to perform which may conflict with a the booking with the Promoter). In those circumstances C.C.C.P.L. will give as much notice as it can and will use all reasonable endeavours to provide suitable substitute performer(s) and/or an alternative programme or to rearrange the performance to a date mutually agreed between C.C.C.P.L. and the Promoter. This paragraph states C.C.C.P.L.'s total liability for any change or cancellation of the performance. C.C.C.P.L. will not pay any form of compensation and it is the Promoter's responsibility take out cancellation insurance.
  3. Cancellation by the Promoter In the event of cancellation by the Promoter, the following industry standard charges are payable to C.C.C.P.L.: Cancellation Charge less than 4 weeks before booked date 100% of guaranteed fee + VAT 4-12 weeks " " " 75% ,, ,, ,, 12-26 weeks " " " 50% ,, ,, ,, over 26 weeks " " " 25% ,, ,, ,,
  4. Where C.C.C.P.L. is to receive a sum calculated by reference to box office receipts, that expression means sums receivable by the Promoter for ticket sales for the Performance net of Credit Card fees, PRS payments1 and VAT, but with no other deduction whatsoever. The Promoter is to provide details of audience figures and ticket prices to C.C.C.P.L. within 7 days after the Performance. C.C.C.P.L. will invoice the Promoter for the box office split for payment within 7 days of invoice date
  5. All guaranteed fees payable to C.C.C.P.L. are exclusive of VAT, will be invoiced 14 days prior to the Performance and are to be paid to C.C.C.P.L. without deduction by BACS transfer in cleared funds on the day of the Performance or by cheque posted to C.C.C.P.L. no later than 7 days before that day.
  6. Expense payments to be re-imbursed by the Promoter to C.C.C.P.L. will be invoiced after the Performance for payment within 7 days of invoice date.
  7. No contras or set-off may be made by the Promoter against any fee, box office split or other payment due to C.C.C.P.L., and C.C.C.P.L will not accept liability for any expenses of the Promoter, unless specifically agreed in advance by C.C.C.P.L. in writing.
  8. Liability for Performing Rights Licensing fees is the sole responsibility of the Promoter.
  9. The Promoter must have in force on the performance date Public Liability and Occupiers Liability insurance cover for a minimum of 5 million per claim. The Promoter is to indemnify C.C.C.P.L. against all claims by any person relating to the performance or arising out of any person being at or near the promoter's premises, save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of C.C.C.P.L. or one of its employees.
  10. The Contract takes effect and is to be construed under the law of England and Wales and both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Minimum technical and equipment requirements

  1. Front of House Usual front of house furnishings Facility in prominent public area for merchandising.
  2. Stage Comfortable Chair with arms, coffee table with jug of water and glass 3. Technical One lapel radio microphone and two roving microphones (or more depending on audience size), with sound system.