Identity of 007′s ‘M’ is revealed from beyond the grave

Golly! The internet is alive with the news that someone who seems to have watched a frame by frame re-run of the movie Skyfall has worked out the “real identity” of  James Bond’s boss ‘M’.

Now this claim is of course flawed on several levels. For a start ‘M’ is a fictitious character and therefore doesn’t have a real identity. What’s more the M character, played in Skyfall by Judi Dench, died at the end of the film.

Judi Dench

Judi Dench

However  blogger Phil Noble Jnr., found  a single frame, on screen for a split second, that shows that the box containing the ceramic British bulldog that M leaves to 007 as a posthumous gift is labelled ‘From the Estate of Olivia Mansfield Bequeathed to James Bond’.

No Bond obsessives are busy trying to work out whether the inclusion of the name was just the movie-makers having fun or if there is any significance it.

Favourite theory so far is that it is a tribute to the first head of MI6, Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who was the first British spymaster to sign his correspondence with a single letter. Only in his case it was C. Does anyone have any other ideas?