Duchess of Cambridge discovers she’s related to Chris de Burgh

You couldn’t make it up! I hear the Irish tourist board is in a state of high excitement after discovering that the willowy Duchess of Cambridge is distantly related to diminutive British-Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh.

King Edward III

King Edward III

The long and the short of it is that The Irish reckon it’ll boost visitor numbers no end. The Sunday Times revealed that genealogy researchers have uncovered evidence that the unlikely pair share a common ancestor in Edward III.

They reckon Kate’s dad Michael Middleton’s forebears  connect to Edward III through the 16th century nobleman William Fairfax. Meanwhile Elizabeth de Burgh, an ancestor of the Lady In Red singer, married Edward’s son, Lionel of Antwerp, in the 14th century.

Quite how all this is going to boost tourism to Ireland I’m not quite sure. What it has done is cause newspapers to dig out a whole load pictures of Kate dressed in red.

It seems unlikely that the two families will now be including each other on their Christmas card lists. However a surprised Chris de Burgh is quoted as saying:  “At least that will give us something to talk about should we ever have a cup of tea together.”

Perhaps best not to mention that his mega-hit is inextricably linked in the minds of the public with another Duchess – the Duchess of York or Fergie as she tends to be known. Lady in Red was riding high in the charts in 1986 during the run-up to Sarah Ferguson’s ill-fated marriage to Prince Andrew.

*Edward III was King of England from 1327 when he was just 14-years-old until his death in 1377 making him one of only five British monarchs to have to have ruled for more than 50 years.