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A Victorian Celebration

The 23rd May 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and we are celebrating in true Victorians style with two of our favourite actors - James Bolam and Susan Jameson. 

We invite you to turn back the clock to a time of hope and immense optimism, bringing forth a great flowering of genius in the arts and sciences, a time of exploration and discovery. Our celebration ranges from the Queen’s own charming account of her Coronation, to a delightful anecdote of her singing a Gilbert and Sullivan duet with one of her courtiers. 

We visit the raucous humour of the music hall, and, in complete contrast, join an elegant gathering of genteel middle-class society at one of the musical evenings so popular at the time 

You will join us as, accompanied by melodious music of the period, played by Clive Conway on flute and Christine Croshaw on piano, we enjoy a riotous coach ride with the irrepressible Mr. Pickwick, and delight in the company of many well-loved characters, historical and fictitious, as glimpsed through the memorable words of many writers from this extraordinary age, including Alfred Lord Tennyson, Mrs Beeton, Oscar Wilde, John Galsworthy, and Rudyard Kipling, whose famous tribute to the common British soldier, Tommy, could have been written yesterday.

*Watch out for A Victorian Celebration with James Bolam and Susan Jameson appearing at a venue near you.


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Jan 14, 2019, 20:00 hrs

A Victorian Celebration

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre