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Will Boris' dad really be eating kangaroo testicles in the jungle?

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 13, 2017

Stanley Johnson

It’s November and the media is going slightly bonkers, as has become its habit in recent years, in anticipation of the arrival in Australia  of the latest team of celebrity lambs to the slaughter. 

Or to put it another way the desperate C-listers who are prepared to submit to all manner of on-screen indignities on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. They do this for a variety of reasons  - to boost their flagging careers, to propel themselves up the slippery pole of showbiz success or simply to satisfy a slightly out of control  need for attention. 

Yes folks ICGMH 2017 (as the true fans like to call it) is imminent and the guessing game begins. The photographers are camped out at airport arrivals snapping anyone who has the remotest claim to celebrity status in the hope of outing this year’s team of campmates. Quite why no one knows. After all we can just switch on the tv when the first episode launches and all will be revealed. But that’s not the way it works. Celebrity-watchers like to think they’re ahead of the game. So it is that all manner of minor Tv faces that no one with a real life would recognise are being papped as they arrive at Brisbane Airport. There have been one or two known celebs too but the strangest one nigh all has to be Stanley Johnson, father of Foreign Secretary Boris.  Is he really going to be in the Jungle? It would appear so with excited journey reporting that he’s actually fessed up and said how excited he is about this year’s show. On the other hand the man;’s a politician - a former MEP  - and, if he’s anything like his most famous son, he’s probably a past master at saying one thing and meaning another. It’s literally in his DNA. 

He's a remarkable chap too. Among his six children there is one Foreign Secretary, one Universities and Science minister and the former Editor in Chief of The Lady.

Although the idea is entireky credible I’ll believe that Stanley Johnson is going to endure crawling through tunnels full of cockroaches and tucking into chewy plates of kangaroo testicles when I actually see it.