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Veteran BBC news man John Humphrys confronts garden intruder

By: stagedoorscribbler - August 19, 2019

John Humphrys

Veteran BBC journalist and presenter John Humphrys is due to stand down as host of Radio 4’s Today programme in the Autumn. He’s 75-years-old and after more than three decades on the show has decided it’s time to quit.
Although his exact departure date from the BBc has yet toi be confirmed he has plenty of  other options lined up.
There’s a new autobiography coming soon charting the course of his life from his Cardiff childhood through his years as a frontline journalist, news reader, presenter and famously tough interviewer. There are also a series of talks with Clive Conway Productions.
However Humphrys - whose grilling of politicians saw him routinely described as the BBC’s attack dog - may be standing down but he’s not showing any signs of behaving like a typical pensioner. It seems that when he is pottering in his garden doing a little light pruning he likes to keep the secateurs at hand in case of trouble.
For a pair of garden clippers was his weapon of choice when he recently confronted an intruder in his back garden.
Instead of behaving like most 75-year-old and locking himself indoors and dialling 999, the intrepid Humphrys charged out into the garden brandishing his secateurs and screamed a torrent of four letter words at the intruder who turned and fled over a back wall.
Humphrys described the confrontation in his recent Waitrose Weekend magazine column and admitted that perhaps his actions had been “unwise".  Yup! He could have just threatened to interview him.

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