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Ubuntu - celebrating our shared humanity

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 8, 2018

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Photograph by Hattie Miles

As we enter 2018 there is much trouble in the world. It must pain Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu that, after more than half-a-century  of campaigning for peace and social justice, we are surrounded by conflict, inequality and greed. Yet when it comes to peace, love and understanding every little helps. It really does. 

So, if you made any New Year’s resolution for 2018 please let it be to embrace the philosophy of ubuntu - the southern African word for humanity. In  practice it is simple and startlingly effective.

It involves allowing yourself to understand that we achieve far more as a human family than we ever can as isolated individuals that caring and sharing for others really does pay dividends.

Even though we live in a  frantically paced and often selfish world it is surprisingly easy to take a moment to appreciate the friendship and talents of others. There is no need for rivalry and meanness. Allow yourself to revel in a harmonious relationship with those you meet however different they may be from you. Enjoy the success of others and share the joy of life with them.You’ll soon see how the simple pleasure of friendship brings  peace and harmony. 

Desmond Tutu  has used the ethics of ubuntu to make very positive intoads into south African society. He has also worked to spread the philosophy tiom the wider world.

This is one of the reasons why the Tutu Foundation UK has been working with several British police forces promoting the use ubuntu to help in areas of inner city gang violence and social unrest. 

Give ubuntu a try, you know it makes sense.