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TV historian Lucy Worsley on the struggle of the suffragettes

By: stagedoorscribbler - June 4, 2018

Lucy Worsley

We are celebrating 100 years since women first got the vote. But hang on let’s qualify that. Women only got the vote in 2018 if they were over 30 and property owners. It was a start but there was a long way to go.

Tonight (Monday 4th June) TV historian Lucy Worsley looks beyond the popular view of the suffragette movement - the radical Pankhursts, Emily Davidson chucking herself under the king’s horse and women attacking paintings in art galleries - at the wider picture.

In Suffragette with Lucy Worsley on BBC One this evening regular Clive Conway Productions's speaker Lucy acts out the drama of the ongoing fight for emancipation waged by increasingly anarchic working class women who took on the repressive might of the Edwardian establishment.

We discover what life was like for  the young campaigners of the Women’s Social Political Union as they switched from peaceful protest to vandalism, arson and bomb-making. Jail, hunger strikes and force-feeding would follow.

It sounds like a depressingly predictable spiral of misery that was going nowhere. But history tells us different. So what happened? Tune into Suffragette with Lucy Worsley (BBC One, 8.30pm tonight) and find out.