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Tutu Foundation chair Clive Conway appointed Patron of Vauxhall City Farm

By: stagedoorscribbler - April 15, 2019

Clive Conway. Photograph by Hattie Miles

We were pleased to hear that Clive Conway has been appointed Patron of Vauxhall City Farm.  Clive is already heavily committed to fighting improve social conditions in often troubled  inner city areas through his work as chair of the Tutu Foundation UK.

He will bring a practised eye and supportive attitude to  one of the oldest and most central city farms in London. Sitting within earshot of Big Ben and in the shadow of MI5, the farm may be close to wealth and influence but it is surrounded by high-rise blocks occupied by many on low incomes who suffer poverty of opportunity. 

The farm offers a vehicle for education and change with  the animals featuring in many of our programmes and key to helping staff and volunteers to engage with and deliver positive impact for both individuals and groups from the wider community.

It strives to empower people through  experiencing nature and to enhance their health, well-being and life chances.

 Vauxhall City Farm currently welcomes some 50,000 visitors a year and delivers specific training and development programmes, workshops and activities for around 7,000 children and young people. It also reaches a further 50,000 or more off-site (via mobile farms and outreach delivery activities). To see full details on their website here and read about the history of the farm and how to support it. Click here.