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Today programme guest editor Angelina Jolie calls on Tutu for Thought for the Day

By: stagedoorscrtibbler - December 31, 2018

Desmond Tutu. Photo by Hattie Miles

Actress, director and UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie used her guest editorship of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last week to deal with some horrifically difficult subjects.

It was no surprise perhaps that she used the classic common sense of lifelong peace and social justice campaigner Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for the Thought for the Day. 

Subjects covered by Jolie had included horrific details of gang rapes and extreme violence in Myanmar and the Congo. Frequent warnings to listeners punctuated the programme as distressing horrors were detailed in extraordinary interviews that   were at on the face of it at odds with a breakfast time Christmas broadcast.

However, it worked. The programme was a serious and intelligent exploration of some of the most depressing aspects of (in)human behaviour. 

Desmond Tutu’s 'thought' meanwhile underlined the importance of tolerance, of loving your neighbour. He told the Biblical story of the good samaritan and warned how our attitudes to each other can change as we are exposed to the brutality of the world.

The underlying message was don’t, as some do, allow yourself be hijacked by prejudice, pride, greed and envy. See the good in people even if they don't look dress or worship like you do.

Jolie may be an Oscar winning movie actress but she’s proved herself to be a highly effective operator as special envoy to the UN Refugee agency.

She’s deadly serious about her political work and even hinted that she might one day run for president.