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The history guy, a headless corpse and Henry VIII's boils

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 29, 2018

Dan Snow - aka @thehistoryguy

So how do I know that when Henry VIII died 471 years ago today he had a 54 inch waist and was tormented by pus-filled boils? The answer of course is that ever enthusiastic historian Dan Snow told me so via Twitter. 

Better known to many on social media as @thehistoryguy, Dan has done more than most to popularise history and always be relied upon to impart those compelling extra facts like poor old Henry’s boils. It  certainly helps you remember.

 Dan who has appeared with Clive Conway Productions on many occasions can always be relied upon to have an interesting project on the go. You may recall that he recently embarked on an investigation into the identity of a 270-year-old headless skeleton exhumed from a lead casket in a Scottish mausoleum.

Dan had hoped that it was the remains of Simon Fraser, aka The Old Fox, a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite Rebellion,  who has the dubious distinction of being the last man to be beheaded in the UK. 

Forensic tests have now revealed the skeleton to be that of a woman. It’s a result that sets Dan another puzzle. Who was she and where did she leave her head? It also of course means that the search for the remains of The Old Fox continues.