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The bright idea that's now 2,500 shows down the line

By: stagedoorscribbler - April 30, 2018

Dame Shirley Williams

One of our most experienced and respected politicians Dame Shirley Williams is among the most popular of the regular speakers who appear  for Clive Conway Productions.

So it feels appropriate that a seemingly random An Audience With Shirley Williams which will take place at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester on 14th August this year occupies a special place in the history of CCP.

It is, it transpires the 2,500th show booked for Clive Conway Productions by our esteemed booker Richard Clarke. It’s been a long and fascinating journey since musician and producer Clive Conway had a very bright idea indeed and staged the very first An Audience with... in 2001, featured Tony Benn. The format proved an instant success and since then  Richard has booked countless speakers. 

There have been politicians, actors, writers, broadcasters, scientists, adventurers, activists and a few too niche to even label. There’ve been household names, stars in the ascendancy and the occasional flash in the proverbial pan. Richard’s seen ‘em come, he’s seem ‘em go but he’s also seen many stay with us for regular return bookings for years. Dame Shirley Williams is among the latter. We are delighted.

She not only talks about the 50 years that she spent in frontline politics but also regularly discusses her famous mother, the great Vera Brittain. 

Meanwhile just ten days ago she was among the great speakers and  thinkers contributing to the third annual Desmond Tutu Peace Summit at the Regent’s University, London.