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The boy who wanted to be an elephant

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 26, 2018

Simon King

When he was a child Simon King always said he wanted to be an elephant. That ambition of course proved a dream too far but it is perhaps hardly surprising that he went onto become a TV wildlife expert.

Suffice to say there will be plenty to learn when Simon , Known to millions as a face of Springwatch and Big Cat Diary, presents An Audience with Simon King at Loughborough Town Hall onWednesday Feb 28.

For the  naturalist and broadcasters the real life Dr Doolittle. In this fully illustrated  talk, Simon takes the audience on a journey of discovery, showing how everyone can talk to the animals in their own neighbourhood and get first class views of wildlife as a result.

 Every show includes an extensive Q & A session where audiences will have the opportunity to chat with Simon about everything from the wildlife on their doorsteps to his adventures as a wildlife film-maker all over the world. Discover stories of filming creatures as diverse as killer whales (for the land mark series Blue Planet ) Great White Sharks (Planet Earth) and of course lions, leopards and cheetahs (Big Cat Diary).

 Simon may have given up on the idea of becoming an elephant, but he has never given up on the idea of ensuring the survival of this and every other species that inhabits this planet.

*An Audience with Simon King is at Loughborough Town Hall on Wednesday 28th February. For further information go to