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Talking to the animals on your doorstep with wildlife expert Simon King

By: stagedoorscribbler - April 23, 2018

Wildlife expert Simon King

Wildlife expert Simon King is the real life Dr Doolittle. The naturalist and broadcaster known to millions as the face of TV’s Springwatch and Big Cat Diary has a rare affinity with animals. 

His love of wildlife began in his childhood home in Africa; it certainly influenced his first career choice which was to become an elephant when he grew up!

Now in An Audience with Simon King is sharing the story of his passion for wildlife  and some tales from his  astonishing career in a talk that takes the audience on a journey of discovery, showing how everyone can talk to the animals in their own neighbourhood and get first class views of wildlife as a result. Simon  will be sharing some of his extensive knowledge at the Thornbury Arts Festival near Bristol tomorrow (24th April)  

The show includes an extensive Q & A session where audiences will have the opportunity to chat with Simon about everything from the wildlife on their doorsteps to his adventures as a wildlife film-maker all over the world. 

Discover stories of filming creatures as diverse as killer whales (for the land mark series Blue Planet) Great White Sharks (Planet Earth) and of course lions, leopards and cheetahs (Big Cat Diary).

Bythe way  Simon has now given up on the idea of becoming an elephant, but has never given up on the idea of ensuring the survival of this and every other species that inhabits this planet.

 *An Audience with Simon King is at the Thornbury Arts Festival near Bristol tomorrow (24th April). More info at