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Spend those old tenners before they cease to be legal tender

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 19, 2018

Got any Darwin tenners? Spend them. Currency has evolved.

I’d almost forgotten the fuss about the new £10 notes which came into circulation last September. But fuss there was. Like the fivers that preceded the polymer notes were designed to be more environmentally friendly, last longer than previous banknotes and confound the efforts of counterfeiters to forge them. 

Inevitably perhaps a small but vocal minority didn’t like them at all. They were condemned for being slippery little devils that slid between your fingers, lambasted for bearing an ‘airbrushed’ image of Jane Austen and were even criticised for using an Austen quote from the text of one of her novels rather than from the author herself. 

Oh and I almost forgot vegans were up in arms over the fact that they contain traces of tallow - rendered beef or mutton. Though the amount they contain is infinitesimal. In fact some clever-dick calculated that it would take less than a single cow to provide enough tallow for every banknote in existence. 

It didn't stop 100,000 people signing a petition in protest though. Remarkable when you think that significantly fewer people put their names to a protest about the far more cruel ivory industry. Suffice to say the tallow protesters were ignored. 

It’s perhaps ironic that bank notes should be at the centre of our resistance to er change. But there you have it. Predictably this storm-in-a piggy bank soon died down.

But now I hear that the old notes - the ones bearing the distinctive portrait of Charles Darwin - are about to cease to be legal tender. Astonishingly, according to the Bank of England,  there are still 2.2 billion pounds worth of them kicking around.

Some of those will probably have been stashed away by bank robbers and drug dealers who in the meantime have been unavoidably detained but many will be drawers, boxes and pockets in the homes of ordinary law-abiding citizens. The fact is that you need to spend them by Thursday 1st March. So how about investing in tickets to a Clive Conway Productions show? Check out the productions on offer on the What’s On page of this website.