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Speaking his mind: General Sir Mike Jackson former head of the British Army

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 11, 2019

General Sir Mike Jackson

He’s the tough, no nonsense soldier who rose to be head of the British Army. When former Chief of General Staff, General Sir Mike Jackson retired from the military after a career that had spanned 45 years he had a reputation for being outspoken.
Although typically perhaps the British tabloid press seemed more interested in the fact that he’d had the bags under his eyes removed and got his teeth fixed than his glorious and occasionally controversial past.
During his time as a military commander Sir Mike headed up troops in conflict zones like Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq. He has served with the Parachute Regiment and the Intelligence Corps and was famously no fan of US military strategies.
Anyone who thought he would retire quietly, button his lip and retreat to a life of a little light gardening soon discovered they had got it badly wrong.
General Sir Mike may have left active service but he certainly hasn’t stopped having opinions. He is, as always, a man who speaks his mind.He has strong opinions on everything from Russia to Brexit and he’s not afraid to voice them.
*General Sir Mike Jackson will be appearing at the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival on Saturday 16th November. More info at