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Sand and Steel: military historian Peter Caddick-Adams on the allied invasion of France

By: stagedoorscribbler - May 6, 2019

Peter Caddick-Adams. Photograph by Hattie Miles

This summer marks the 75th anniversary D-Day, the Allied Invasion of France and what were arguably two of the greatest and most consequential military operations of modern times.

Few know the inside story better than highly respected military historian and battlefield researcher Peter Caddick-Adams and next month he will be marking this important anniversary with a talk and special lunch at the luxury Chewton Glen Hotel in the New Forest.

His account, drawn from his book Sand and Steel, provides fascinating insights into the the events of June  1944, giving us the background to Operation Overlord, and the lesser known Operation Dragoon - the invasion of the southern France.

 Beginning with the years of painstaking and costly preparation through to the pitched battles fought along France's north and south coasts and the push east, Peter covers all the elements of D-Day and to reveals in full what lay behind eventual Allied victory in Europe.

The invasion involved mind-boggling logistics, including orchestrating the largest flotilla of ships ever assembled. Its strategic and psychological demands stretched the Allies to their limits, testing the strengths of the bonds of Anglo-American leadership.

Peter's talk draws on first-hand battlefield research, fresh personal testimony, and a commanding grasp of all the archives and literature.

Sand and Steel: 75th Anniversary of D-Day with Peter Caddick-Adams

will be at the Chewton Glen Hotel, New Milton, New Forest, Hampshire

on Monday 3rd June. More info at