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Robert Powell seeks the truth about the man who was Jesus

By: stagedoorscribbler - December 26, 2017

Robert Powell - Photograph by Hattie Miles

Our good friend that fine actor Robert Powell has enjoyed a richly varied stage and screen career. But for years one role, that of Jesus in Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth, has seemed to dominate the public’s imagination.

Now 40 years after her starred in the hit TV mini series he is fronting a new series about the Messiah - Robert Powell: the Real Jesus of Nazareth.

And it’s got a few shocks for purists who believe that the nativity is a true description of events some 2017 years ago. 

As far as the show is concerned the idea of Jesus being born in a stable because there was no room at the inn is almost certainly a misinterpretation of the Holy story.

According to research by historians and cultural experts there was probably no inn or stable. Jesus was more likely to have been born in a private house or maybe even a storage area. And in all probability Joseph was a stonemason rather than a carpenter.

These are just some of the theories unearthed in a bid to discover who Jesus really was as Robert travels to Israel and seeks the sites of events mentioned in the Bible.

?Robert Powell: The Real Jesus Of Nazareth, is on Fridays, History, 9pm.