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Rev Richard Coles finds lockdown passiion for Gaelic football

By: stagedoorscribbler - May 18, 2020

Rev Richard Coles

The lockdown has lead to many of us discovering hitherto unknown talents and interests. Whether its the simple revelation that your banana bread is a world-beater or that you’ve accidentally found an affinity with extreme yoga, the whole ‘spending much more time at home’ thing is an eye-opener.
One of the more unlikely knock-on effects has been the sudden conversion of our good friend Rev Richard Coles to Gaelic football super-fan. The one-time pop star turned Anglican Priest and radio and TV presenter discovered the joys of the sport through the BBC drama Normal People and its leading man Connell Waldron played by Paul Mescal.
An excited Coles immediately started finding out more about the sport which he described as being ‘like rugby but with more bouncing”.
A day he told Twitter followers: “Been watching Gaelic football for hours now, my new favourite thing, and the more you watch it the more you think how weird it is that in soccer no-one bothers to pick up the ball except the goalie.”
Meanwhile Richard will be back on the Clive Conway Productions circuit later this year with An Audience with Rev Richard Coles. At the moment he is booked to appear at a number of venues from July to September. You can check the dates on the What’s On section of this website. Meanwhile see Richard’s own site at