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Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan tell extraordinary war stories from ordinary people

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 8, 2018

Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan

It’s good to see husband and wife history team, veteran journalist and broadcaster Peter Snow and his wife Ann Macmillan back on the road  with War Stories which is at Lichfield Garrick Theatre  on Friday (12th January).

This fascinating illustrated account of ordinary people swept up by the horror of war is based on their recently published book of the same name.

Their talk draws on 30 true stories about men and women who’ve made their mark on wartime history from the incredible escape of John Bukleley and a handful of the crew of a Royal Navy warship wrecked on the wild coast of Chile – up to today’s horrifying ordeal of a Syrian refugee and his family nearly drowned during their escape to Greece. 

These stories are the stuff that legends are built upon, stories of the men and women who have pushed the barriers of bravery, suffering and sheer terror beyond the imaginable. 

*Peter Snow is a former  Diplomatic and Defence Correspondent  for ITN and one-time presenter of BBC's Newsnight.  For many years he was king of the swingometer on election nights, and is also a renowned military historian.

Ann MacMillan was born in Wales, the great granddaughter of David Lloyd George, and grew up in Canada. She worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and was the CBC's managing editor in London.

Their son is the well known historian and documentary maker Dan Snow.

War Stories - with Peter Snow and Ann Macmillan is at Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Friday 12th January. For more information go to