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Online summit explores burning issues that will face a post-covid world

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 16, 2020

Gina Miller, campaigner and co-founder of SCM Direct

An exciting online summit next week featuring guest speaker Gina Miller, the campaigner and co-founder of SCM Direct, will discuss possible solutions to some of the burning issues facing today’s policy makers. Among others taking part will be Clive Conway, chair of the Tutu Foundation UK.
The summit on Thursday 26th November is titled Time for Something Better: Beyond Covid - a new approach to some of the most complex issues of our time.
It will be hosted via Zoom by Pumela  Salerla and feature an impressive reaft of special guests and expert speakers. Subjects will include Youth, Health, Justice, Crime, and Employability.
Staged by Agencia and the Tutu Foundation UK, it is aimed at clients, funders, policy makers and practitioners and will focus on problems facing society within the current environment of lockdown, a second wave, and a post-covid world. 
The speakers will be showcasing an inspiring selection of  practical and innovative solutions.
The summit stars at 15:45 with headline speaker Gina Miller providing an overview of some of the ‘hot topic issues’ facing today’s policy makers (particularly within the current environment of lockdown, a second wave, and a post-covid world) and highlighting the reality of the need for change, with particular reference to change/learning triggered by covid. 
That will be followed at 16:15 by Agencia discussing transforming health and justice services with pioneering stories from the frontline with  Graeme Dixon examining how to address the Opioid Crisis and tackle  painkiller addiction and Tim Holt on dealing with  the scourge of serious and organised crime.
At  16:30 Robin Lockhart will look at solutions to youth crime and violence with reference to gangs, drugs and mental health issues.
While at 16:45 Tutu Foundation UK  Clive Conway and Maria Scullion will discuss what lessons the Black Lives Matter campaign can give us to help build more peaceful communities.
Finally at 1700 Marcus Isman-Egal will examine creative solutions to the challenge of employability in a covid economic climate
This will be followed at 17:15 by an all-panel questions and discussion session.