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Nicholas Parsons at 96 - bouncing back from health scares

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 14, 2019

Nicholas Parsons. Photograph by Hattie Miles

After a couple of scares when he had to pull out of regular broadcasts and theatre shows because of health issues, I am delighted to report that the indomitable Nicholas Parsons not only celebrated his 96th birthday last week but is very much back in action.
The presenter, actor and all round national treasure was even on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning offering a guide to how to stay fit and healthy. Meanwhile his Just a Minute series continues apace I see he has at least one theatre appearance scheduled for this week.
Nicholas has admitted that his health problems were possibly due to taking on too much work for a man in his nineties and has resolved to take on a more measured approach.
So good health and good luck to one of our most remarkable performers who is now celebrating 70 years plus in showbusiness.  
He can look back on a career that started when he first decided to become an actor  while serving an Engineering Apprenticeship in the shipbuilding industry on Clydeside,.
He soon became an established name on TV working as straight man to comedian Arthur Haynes, spent three years with Benny Hill and 13 years as host on Sale of the Century.
He starred in many West End plays and appeared in three productions of The Rocky Horror Show playing The Narrator.
He has presented the iconic BBC Radio 4 comedy panel game Just a Minute for an astonishing 52 years.