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New Desmond Tutu HIV/AIDS clinic for Cape Town

By: stragedoorscribbler - June 10, 2019

Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Photograph by Hattie Miles

The legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s mission to spend the best part of his life preaching forgiveness and promoting peace, love and understanding is everywhere. 

The veteran anti-apartheid campaigner, Nobel Peace Laureate and one-time chairman of south Africa’s  Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is internationally recognised as one of the great peacemakers of the past 50 years.

But he has done much more than preach and heal rifts. Desmond Tutu has also worked tirelessly to help improve conditions for the poor and socially excluded, including backing the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.

Now the low income area of Masiphumele in Cape Town is getting a new clinic designed by award winning architectural practice theMAAK which has been working in partnership with the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation (DTHF). 

Positioned on a site that is already home to an existing clinic facility, the Desmond Tutu Clinic provides increased space for the cutting edge medical research already carried out by the DTHF.

It will also create a landmark building of bold 21st century design that establishes a new face for the groundbreaking work of an organisation that strives to help communities across South Africa.