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New Chair of Urology at University of Cape Town named after Tutu

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 7, 2019

Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Photo by Hattie Miles

The University of Cape Town is to name its new Chair of Urology after Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

The university’s council revealed that the veteran Nobel Peace laureate and lifelong campaigner for social justice has agreed to his name being used for the naming of the chair.

It will help provide institutional and national leadership in a wide range of new areas of research and clinical services in South Africa.

This will mean much to the 87-year-old peace and social justice campaigner who has been living with prostate cancer for nearly two decades.

He will no doubt approve of another landmark decision made by the council - to rename the campus Memorial Hall. The building will now become the Sarah Baartman Hall.

Baartman  was a women from what is now the Eastern Cape who because of her large buttocks was  exhibited as freak show  attraction in 19th-century Europe.

She was forced to perform in fairgrounds and theatres across England and Ireland appearing as the Hottentot Venus. 

She was sold to to animal traders and used for racist ‘scientific’ investigations into the so called missing link between animals and human beings.

Sarah eventually died in poverty in Paris but even then she was allowed no dignity. Her body was dissected and for the next 150 years her remains were displayed in a French museum. She was eventually returned to her homeland in  2002 and buried in the Eastern Cape on South Africa's National Women's Day.

The university describes honouring her in the name of the Memorial Hall as “ an important symbolic step” in restoring dignity to her name.