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Nanny knew best for intrepid Arctic explorer Pen Hadow

By: stagedoorscribbler - July 9, 2018

Polar explorer Pen Hadow

Arctic explorer and conservationist Pen Hadow invites you to join him and learn about his Herculean rest-of-life mission, following in the inspirational footsteps of conservationist Sir Peter Scott.

He'll be hitting the road with Clive Conway Productions soon with An Audience with Pen Hadow - Explorer, Advocate & Visonary. His mission is to help the United Nations  create a North Pole marine reserve by 2032 to protect its iconic wildlife from multiple human threats 

Pen’s extraordinary polar life was fired by the dying words of our most famous Antarctic explorer, Captain RF Scott  “ ... Make the boy interested in the natural world ...”  

As it happened  both Sir Peter Scott (son of Capt Scott, and founder of the WWF) and Pen were raised in childhood by the same person - they had the same inspirational nanny, Enid Wigley - a woman on a mission of her own to instil this interest! 

Following a Spartan regime and a healthy diet of heroic polar stories as a youngster, Pen soon developed an appreciation for life in the natural world. 

After 15 years on the Arctic Ocean's sea-ice, he finally succeeded in becoming the first person to make a solo journey from Canada to the North Pole - a feat which has never been repeated. 

The challenges and insights that came out of this extreme experience are both unexpected and illuminating, including his Damascene moment: having had to swim much of the way, he realised the sea-ice cover with which he had built such a close working relationship was also a 'floating ice-reef habitat' and it was now in crisis - a new, unexplored and resource-rich ocean was opening up as the sea-ice melted.