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More tributes as the 'great enabler' Mama Leah celebrates her 87th birthday

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 19, 2020

Leah Tutu

A flood of heartfelt tributes and celebrations greeted Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 89th birthday earlier this month.
And just a week later more warm words flooded to mark the 87th birthday of his devoted wife Leah.
The couple met while still at college and married in 1955 and now, 65 years later, are seen as a great stabilising influence in a sometimes perilous world.  
They have lived through some unimaginably tough times  as Arch battled apartheid and strived for peace and social justice. All the time Leah, a qualified teacher and nurse, was at his side.  She was also an activist and helped establish South Africa's first trade union for domestic workers.
It is clear that their love and support of each other has strengthened them both.To mark her birthday , Piyushi Kotecha, the CEO of the foundation that bears both their names, described Leah as the Archbishop’s “great enabler” saying that she had helped him “in a myriad of ways to perform his ministry of courageous healing.”
Incredibly that even included taking a course in motor mechanics so that Arch could travel without fear of a car breakdown disrupting his timetable.
Kotecha added: “On behalf of all at the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, we wish Mama Leah, our co-founder, a fabulous and blessed birthday.”
It is a sentiment wholeheartedly echoed by the Tutu Foundation UK.