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Memorial service and celebration of the life of barrister and mediator Paul Randolph

By: stagedoorscribbler - March 4, 2019

Paul Randolph

A memorial service and celebration of the life of barrister, mediator, trainer and writer Paul Randolph who died in January is being held at Regent's University London on Friday (8th March).

Paul who was a respected  adviser to the trustees of the Tutu Foundation (UK) co-designed the Mediation Skills Course at Regent’s School of Psychotherapy and Counselling and had been course leader since 1999.

He was also author of Psychology of Conflict – Mediating in a Diverse World (Bloomsbury: 2016)  which has a foreword by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Paul was a brilliant mediator and a great believer that,  given the right psychological  techniques it is possible to avoid conflict completely. 

Working in a wide variety of legal areas, including commercial, family, property, employment and workplace, personal injury and professional negligence, Paul had mediated successfully in disputes with values up to £130 million and with as many as 22 parties. 

Many will remember the one day workshop he ran for the Tutu Foundation (UK) Training Academy last year which explored managing conflict in the workplace.

It showed how the right psychological approach can provide valuable insights into the differing behaviour of people in dispute, to make  the management of workplace conflict easier, less stressful and potentially save huge sums of money.

Although he had been diagnosed with cancer last spring Paul had seemed to be responding well to treatment until a sudden reoccurrence of the disease.

Clive Conway, chair of the Tutu Foundation UK, perhaps encapsulated the feelings of friends and colleagues when he said: 

“We are all shattered and yet pleased to know our very good friend will not suffer anymore. We will build energetically and determinedly on his legacy.”

He spoke of Paul’s “massive willpower” which together with medication had meant that in October he had been able to  take his family to South Africa  for a week to catch the annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture given by President Ramaphosa.

The family visit also included a little sight-seeing with a cable-car trip up Table Mountain. But there was also business to attend to.

Clive adds that “Paul also came over with me to visit the Head of the Prison Service in Northern Ireland. It was a great meeting and we will now be training prison officers in mediation techniques so close to Paul’s heart and life’s work. Paul worked tirelessly for our foundation visiting India, Belfast on several occasions for starters. He never once said no when I requested something from him.”

More information about the memorial service and tributes to Paul can be seen at 

Many donations made will go to the (Desmond) Tutu Foundation UK for its work in bringing communities together.