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Mediating the Impossible by FW de Klerk at the Tutu Peace Summit

By: stagedooescribbler - April 30, 2018

FW de Klerk Tutu Peace Summit speech now available

Former State President of South Africa FW de Klerk, gave an inspiring and speech on Mediating the Impossible at the Third Desmond Tutu International Peace Summit at Regent’s University, London earlier this month.

Delegates, hosts and guests were struck his philosophy, based on many years of experience, that  "the success of all our communities is dependent on our willingness to accommodate one another's reasonable concerns and interests”. It is an approach that chimes with the philosophy of Ubunto championed by Desmond Tutu.

What’s more it can and does work.The peaceful resolution of South Africa’s seemingly insurmountable racial conflicts nearly a quarter of a century ago seemed to show that even the most intractable disputes could be solved peacefully by compromise and negotiation. 

Among his key points were that military intervention provides no solution and that negotiating the future is relatively straightforward as common goals almost always include peace, prosperity and progress but differences about the past can create terrible obstacles. 

You must be able to accept the reasonable concerns of all parties - including those that you like the least.

Following Mr de Klerk’s speech many people approached the summit’s joint organisers the Regent’s University, London and the Tutu Foundation UK to ask if a transcript was available.

We’re delighted to say you can read it by clicking on the following link. FW de Klerk's Tutu Peace Summit speech

Meanwhile plans are already underway for  the next Desmond Tutu Peace Summit at Regent's University, London, next year. The date for your diaries is 11th April 2019.