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Max Hastings new history of the Dambusters due in September

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 25, 2019

Sir Max Hastings

Good to hear that veteran journalist and military historian Sir Max Hastings has a new book on the history of Operation Chastise - the RAF’s 1943 assault on Germany’s dams - coming out later this year.

And, after publication in September, he’ll be discussing the work in a  series of talks for Clive Conway Productions.

Operation Chastise has of course passed into legend as one of the RAF’s greatest feats of arms, lifting the hearts of the battered British people. It is a timelessly moving tale, of very young men who achieved the almost impossible - yet also unleashed a Biblical catastrophe. 

This fascinating talk will grip but also surprise all who love the Dambusters legend and also introduce a new generation of readers to a legendary pice of military history 

Few modern writers are better qualified to offer a fresh telling of this amazing story. In 1977, for his classic history ‘Bomber Command’ Max interviewed Barnes Wallis, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris, 5 Group’s commander Sir Ralph Cochrane, together with dambuster ‘Micky’ Martin and many other aircrew veterans. 

Meanwhile Peter Jackson (Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogies) is making a new film of the Dams raid so the timing is perfect.

watch ojut for Sir Max Hastings appearing at a venue near you later in the year.