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Lucy Worsley on the Tudor Christmas and chomping on a boar's ear

By: stagedoorscribbler - December 23, 2019

Lucy Worsley

I particularly njoyed hearing our ever popular speaker the historian Lucy Worsley on Andrew Marr’s BBC Radio 4 show Start the Week this morning.
She was taking part in a special edition of the show recorded in Westminster Abbey -  a place of worship for more than a thousand years and witness to religious and political revolutions.
It has also been closely connected to the monarchy and royal court  since Tudor times when Henry VIII turned it from a Catholic monastery into an Anglican cathedral
Lucy Worsley looked back to the 16th century to discuss what a Tudor  Christmas with its heady mix of revelry and religion would have been like.
She also discussed which traditions still exist from those days and how others have been added over the years.
The best bit though was hearing Lucy discussing the Tudor feast she helped recreate with food historian Annie Gray for her recent documentary  A Merry Tudor Christmas.
The royal feast knocked up in the kitchens of Hampton Court Palace included Boars Head and involved Lucy being offered the delicacy of one of the beast’s ears. She admitted to sampling “a sliver” but it was clearly not something she was particularly enamored with.
 But then again, as she pointed out, disgust is a reaction from an age of plenty. Food for thought I’d say.