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Lucy Worsley on the domestic world of Jane Austen

By: stagedoorscribbler - July 5, 2017

Lucy Worsley

In this 200th anniversary of her death interest in Jane Austen - arguably Britain's favourite author -  continues to grow. Fans want to know about the books of course but also Austen the woman. What was her life really like?

Well TV historian Dr Lucy Worsley has some of the answers. Her new biography, Jane Austen at Home,  akes a look at Austen’s life from the perspective of her bi-centenary. It considers what home meant to Jane and tells her story through the rooms, spaces, possessions and places which mattered to her. 

Dispelling the myth of the cynical, lonely spinster Lucy instead offers us a witty and passionate woman of her time who refused to settle for anything less than Mr Darcy.    

Now Lucy, who as well as being what the Guardian has called “the undisputed Queen of TV history" is also chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, is out on the road with Clive Conway Productions talking about the book and of course Austen.

Her Jane Austen at Home tour arrives at the Buxton Festival on Tuesday 11th July. It’ll be full of fascinating facts and well-researched theories for even the most ardent Austen fan.For Lucy is absolutely passionate about making history engaging to the widest possible audience. 

*Lucy Worsley - Jane Austen at Home is at the Buxton Festival on Tuesday 11th July. For more information go to