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Lucy Worsley on a very British approach to romance

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 10, 2020

As we head towards St Valentines Day on Friday (don’t forget the card and flowers) the subject of romance is high on the national agenda.
It’s good to see that top TV historian and popular Cliv e Conway Productions speaker Lucy Worsley has been gracing our screens over the past few weeks and giving the subject some historical context.
The BBC4 series A Very British Romance has found her exploring the history of romance, revealing the various forces that have shaped our very British approach to love and devotion since Georgian times.
It also looks at how our feelings have been affected by changing social, political and cultural ideas.
Tonight sees the last in the series examining how romance became decidedly racier following the First World War.
By the way don’t forget that 2020 is also a Leap Year which means that the 29th this month is the traditional day when it is deemed OK for woman to propose marriage to men. A real hearts and flowers occasion.
*A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley is on BBC4 at 8.00pm this evening. (Monday 10th February) There are also a couple of earlier episodes available on BBC iPlayer.