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Lucy Worsley explores historic milestones in Queen Victoria's reign

By: stagedoorscribbler - June 8, 2020

Lucy Worsley

Historian Lucy Worsley is continuing her BBC Radio 4 programme on Queen Victoria by focusing on a series significant encounters that occurred throughout her long reign.
This weekend’s Encounters with Victoria finds her devastated by the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert. It started with a diary entry from 13th December 1861 expressing hope that he is recovering from his terrible illness - possibly what is now known as  Chrone’s Disease).
But the following day he relapsed and died. The programme explored Victoria’s grief, the treatment of Albert’s illness and the Queen’s fight to regain her confidence.
Next week Lucy will be back finding an elderly Victoria in the twilight of her reign  facing a Royal household revolt against one of her favourite servants, Abdul Karim.
Racial prejudice, social snobbery, accusations of treason and even a claim that the queen had ‘gone mad’ fuelled the conspiracy against Abdul by those who resented his closeness to the Queen. Meanwhile Lucy Worsley will be back with Clive Conway Productions from September when  she presents   - A Very British Murder - her own look at how murder became a British obsession, an entertainment even, a central subject for books, film, TV shows and murder mystery games. Lucy is scheduled to start a run of dates in association with Clive Conway Productions at The New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme on 21st September. More info about the show can be found at  Details of further appearances by Lucy Worsely can be found on What’s On pages of this website.