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Kate Humble on the therapeutic benefits of thinking on your feet

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 4, 2019

Kate Humble

The latest series of talks by environmentalist, writer and  broadcaster  Kate Humble take a break for a few weeks but the good news is Kate will be back in action on the Clive Conway Productions circuit after Easter.

An Audience with Kate Humble will play the Thornbury Arts Festival near Bristol on Monday 29th April and will once give the audience a chance to 

hear about her highly acclaimed new book, Thinking on my Feet, her fascinating life working with wildlife, the far-flung places she’s travelled to and the inspiring people she has met on her travels. 

There will also be a unique chance to go 'behind the camera' as Kate describes how her programmes are made along with some lovely anecdotes about the filming.

She has much to talk about.Her popular BBC programmes have included  Back to the Land, Springwatch, Autumn Watch, Wild Shepherdess, Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer, Curious Creatures and Extreme Wives with Kate Humble. While tomorrow evening (Tuesday 4th February) she can be seen on BBC4 in Living with Nomads. 

An Audience with Kate Humble is a great evening. As well as being a farmer, writer, activist, entrepreneur and leading TV presenter, Kate is an engaging speaker and a thoughtful and talented writer. 

Thinking On My Feet, which has earned rave reviews, discusses the therapeutic properties of walking and the positive effects it can have on mental health.

You can pick up a personal signed copy at any of her speaking events

An Audience with Kate Humble will be at the Thornbury Arts Festival near Bristol on Monday 29th April.  For further information go to