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Julian Lloyd Webber may quit over Bimngham Conservatoire funding row

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 20, 2020

Julian Lloyd Webber

I was sorry to see that Julian Lloyd Webber, the former virtuoso cellist now principal of the Royal Birmingham Copnservatoire, feels he may have to quit the institution over a block on national funding.
Julian - the younger brother of composer and impresario Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber - took up his post at Birmingham five years ago but says he feels it is being starved of funding because of a bias towards London based academies.
His warning that he will step down if the balance is not redressed comes after he presided over the establishment of  the RBC as one of the world’s premier centres for composition and performance.
Last week Julian,  a one-time popular speaker and performer on the Clive Conway Productions circuit, described the current  funding system as “hand to mouth” telling the media: “I am not going to stay and watch all the things we have done going downhill. Why would I?”
He fears that unless the situation changes, Birmingham will be unable to offer scholarships and grants to talented young students who will then look to America to achieve their ambitions.