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Johnnie Walker on his pirate radio days and the summer of love

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 26, 2017

Johnnie Walker

He has enjoyed a fascinating career in radio. From young pirate DJ to highly  respected broadcaster and musicologist. Now Johnnie Walker is out on the road with Clive Conway Productions with The Boat That Rocked, telling the story of what it was like being a 1960s rebel on the high seas.

You can join one of the only original Pirate Radio DJ's still on our airwaves for a fascinating look at one of the cultural turning-points in Britain’s history as we  celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

Johnnie brings The Boat That Rocked to The South Holland Centre in Spalding on Friday 3rd November. It's a gripping story. Today Johnnie is one of our best-known and loved DJ’s. He describes how, at the start of his career in the sixties, he was at the heart of the off-shore pirate radio phenomenon.

Pirate Radio was launched at a time when there was no outlet to listen to popular music other than the BBC Light Programme or Radio Luxembourg. It was these stations and DJ’s who were as much a part of Britain’s rock and pop music revolution as the musicians themselves.

1967 marked the height of the cultural revolution that was Swinging Sixties. Britain led the world in fashion, art and ground breaking music – there was the contraceptive pill and a man on the moon. Twiggy became one of the world’s first super models and there was the meteoric rise of Beatlemania and the emergence of groups such as the Rolling Stones, the Who & Pink Floyd amongst many others. Johnnie Walker was there. 

Catch The Boat that Rocked - with Johnnie Walker at The South Holland Centre in Spalding on Friday 3rd November.More information at