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John Humphrys championed at OIdies Awards

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 10, 2018

John Humphrys. Photograph by Hattie Miles

Veteran journalist, broadcaster and long-serving presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, John Humphrys, was singled out for praise at the recent Oldie of the Year awards.

This will delight those who consider Humphrys to be one of Britain’s finest broadcast journalists, prepared to hold the even the most powerful individuals to account without fear or favour.

 It will also infuriate the critics whom claim he is massively overpaid, biased and never lets anyone get a word in edgeways. While I’m sure Mr H would defend himself over claims of the latter two points I suspect he just shrugs and accepts that such barbs come with the territory. After all he’s long been accused of being too left wing by the right and too right wing by the left. Some would argue that that must mean that he’s actually  getting it about right.

 However on the thorny matter of pay - he should surely be let off the hook. After all he is believed to have quietly taken a number of voluntary pay cuts reducing his admittedly eye-wateringly high salary of around £650,000 to a little less than £300,000. All indications are that sometime Clive Conway Production’s speaker Humphrys was himself actually among those who thought his BBC pay was a tad on the ridiculously high side.  So credit where credit is due as it were. Though, considering the subject matter, that may be a confusing way of putting it. Never mind, you know what I mean. 

Also on the Oldie winner’s list were other Clive Conway speakers including retired politician Baroness Shirley Williams who was named Oldie Political Legend of the Year and our good friend Henry Blofeld who received a special My Dear Oldie Thing of the Year award.  Others included national treasures like June Whitfield, Judi Dench and 100-year-old Oldie of the Year Vera Lynn. Host for the awards which have been held by The Oldie magazine for the past 25 years was another Clive Conway Productions favourite Gyles Brandreth.