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Joan Bakewell the broadcasting baroness fighting for the older people

By: stagedoorscribbler - August 19, 2019

Baroness Joan Bakewell. Photograph by Hattie Miles

It was good to hear that inveterate champion of older people and sometime Clive Conway Productions speaker Joan Bakewell fighting the corner of workers who may have to wait until they’re 75 before they receive their State pension.
Journalist, broadcaster and Labour party peer Baroness Bakewell was appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House on Sunday contributing to programme’s weekly digest of what’s in the newspapers.
 She was supporting comments made by multi-national shoe repair chain boss John Timpson on news that the Centre for Social Justice think-tank, headed by former Tory leader Iain Duncan-Smith, has suggested that the  state pension age should rise to  to 75 by 2035.
Both Timpson and Bakewell stressed that if such changes were introduced then the entire nature of employment must change with more flexibility, less discrimination and economic help for older workers who may be working part-time.
As a former Labour Tzar for older people Bakewell fought against the practice of forcing people to retire at 65 saying that continuing to work into later years can  help keep people alive, alert and socialised.
However forcing people to work until they’re 75 before they can even receive their pensions would be a whole different ball game and  “a disastrous idea”.
Financial journalist and broadcaster Paul Lewis had his own take on the situation. This morning he tweeted:
“This proposal to extend state pension age to 75 might be fine for those who only have to turn up in London, sit in a chair, think a bit, and produce a report. But for many from scaffolders to surgeons who need efficient bodies and senses it is daft.”