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Jenni Murray celebrated the remarkable women who shaped Britain's

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 15, 2018

Jenni Murray

Who better to shine a light on the achievements of women in the making of our nation than veteran BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter Dame Jenni Murray? 

The much admired broadcaster and journalist will be at Salisbury Arts Centre next weekend presenting a history of Britain, as you’ve never heard it before.

 She points out that Britain has long been defined by its conflicts, its conquests, its men and its monarchs. Here she takes a look at how our history has been shaped through the achievements of twenty- one women whose lives enthral, intrigue and inspire.
In her personal selection Murray draws together these remarkable female lives to shed light upon a variety of social, political, religious and cultural aspects of British history. She reinvigorates the stories behind names we all know well but also reveals fascinating tales behind some lesser known characters.

And the women on Jenni Murray's list? Boudicca, Fanny Burney, Constance Markievicz, Caroline Herschel, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Ethel Smyth, Mary Quant, Aphra Behn, Jane Austen, Nancy Astor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Emmeline Pankhurst, Margaret Thatcher, Barbara Castle, Elizabeth I, Mary Wollstonecraft, Ada Lovelace, Gwen John, Mary Seacole, Nicola Sturgeon and Mary Somerville. 

*Jenni Murray is a journalist and broadcaster who has presented BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour since 1987. She regularly contributes to various newspapers and magazines, and is the author of several books, including Memoirs of a Not So Dutiful Daughter.

Jenni Murray - A History of Britain in 21 Women is at Salisbury Arts Centre on Saturday 29th January. More information at