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How Rev. Richard Coles inspired a Bridget Jones character

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 11, 2021

Rev Richard Coles

There was some intriguing TV programming over the Christmas and New Year period with a noticeable emphasis on nostalgia.
This should have come as no surprise. Looking back to more stable and entertaining times is completely understanding following a year in which a rampant virus called a halt to many of our plans.
But there were a few surprises. Is it just me or does it seem  extraordinary that it is now 25-years since Chardonnay swilling PR girl Bridget Jones with her big pants and chaotic love-life first arrived in our lives?
I certainly did a double take when I realised that everyone’s favourite singleton had been around, fully formed,for a quarter of a century.
Acres of media coverage and at least one major TV programme recorded this fact tracing Bridget’s journey from Helen Fielding newspaper column to best-selling books and the big screen.
A number gems came out of the inevitable TV tittle-tattle and Bridget related listicles printed by a variety of newspaper and magazines.
They included the fact that Labour leader Keir Starmer did not, as was widely believed, inspire the character of Mark Darcy.
But also that our good friend and regular Clive Conway Production’s contributor Rev Richard Coles DID help, at least in part, inspire the character of Helen’s gay friend Tom.