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How hypnotherapy helped Olivia Colman tackle her stage fright

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 9, 2017

Olivia Colman

She’s a multi award-winning actress and one of our brightest stars.

Olivia Colman never seems to be off stage or screen but she has revealed that acting isn’t always easy.

 She even had to seek therapy to combat agonising stage fright that developed before making her first appearance in Mosquitoes at the National Theatre recently.

In a live interview recorded at the NT Olivia admitted she was so terrified before the opening night that she had to have cognitive hypnotherapy.

 In the talk, which has been issued as a podcast, she speaks of the stark contrast, pre-show, of between her and co-star  co-star Olivia Williams. “While Willy is having a chat and a coffee, I’m back there squeezing my knuckles…” Poor love!