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Historian Lucy Worsley reveals the real Queen Victoria

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 25, 2019

Lucy Worsley

You think you know about Queen Victoria: a little old lady, spherical in shape, dressed in black, perpetually grumpy. Right? Historian Lucy Worsley wants to make you think again.
Her talk Queen Victoria, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow heads for Potters Bar and Solihull  this week and finds the always interesting Dr Worsley probes the truth behind the popular myth of the dour, austere and rather frightening woman who appears to have been ‘not amused’ by just about everything.
What we find is a complex, contradictory woman, who had a traumatic childhood, who loved dancing, who suffered calamity and bereavement, before coming out the other side as an eccentric, powerful and really rather magnificent old lady.
Lucy, who when she’s not presenting Tv programmes is chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, reveals some interesting facts about her world and her life - the palaces she lived in and  the rich colourful age inhabited by this woman who ruled a quarter of the globe.
May 2019 marked the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. Lucy’s book Queen Victoria, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow on which this talk is based was published in September.  Lucy has also presented a number of TV documentaries exploring this remarkable monarch.
Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife Mother and Widow is at Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar tomorrow (Tuesday 26th November). More information at
And then at the Core Theatre in Solihull on Saturday (30th November). More information at