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Historian Lucy Worsley on the real Queen Victoria

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 1, 2018

Lucy Worsley

She’s one of Britain’s favourite TV historians and a top level Royal expert too. Lucy Worsley, whose day job is co-curator at Historic Royal Palaces, is gearing up for next year’s commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. 

And she’s intent on correcting a few misconceptions that have entered the public consciousness about this remarkable monarch.

As Lucy puts it: “Queen Victoria: a little old lady, spherical in shape, dressed in black, perpetually grumpy. Right?” Well apparently not and now the historian wants to make us think again.

In her talk Queen Victoria, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow based on her new book of the same name, she introduces us to  a complex, contradictory woman, who had a traumatic childhood, who loved dancing and who suffered calamity and bereavement before coming out the other side as an eccentric, powerful and really rather magnificent old lady.

Lucy's illustrated talk takes you into the life, the palaces, and the rich colourful age of this woman who ruled a quarter of the globe. 

Lucy Worsley will be presenting  Queen Victoria, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow is at the EM Forster Theatre at Tonbridge School on Friday 5th October. More information at