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Former SAS man Chris Ryan on how to stay safe in a dangerous world

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 23, 2017

Chris Ryan - SAS man, survival expert and author

Chris Ryan is a combat veteran and survival expert. Better still this former SAS man turned best-selling novelist not only knows how to deal with dangerous situations but he knows how to articulate possibly life-saving advice.

Who better to talk about how to keep you and your family safe from the perils of modern life? That’s exactly what Chris, already a popular speaker on the Clive Conway Productions circuit, will be doing on Wednesday (23 October)  when he appears at the  Stafford Gatehouse Theatre in An Audience With Chris Ryan.

The evening will focus on his new book, a rare but timely excursion into  non-fiction called How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous World,.

With terror attacks on the increase, knife crime and acid-attacks in the headlines violence or at least the perception of violence is have a seriously negative effect on many people’s sense of well-being. 

Recent trend workshops have indicated that people are full of anxiety and fear and want to know what to do to keep themselves safe. Chris Ryan is the perfect author for this subject, he is an authority on this subject and his advice can be trusted. 

This talk will appeal to fans of Chris Ryan's fiction, but also beyond that to people who are looking for an authority on this subject, who haven't necessarily read his fiction books.

An Audience with Chris Ryan is at th Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

on Wednesday 23rd October. More information at