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Former head of British Army Sir Mike Jackson tells it like it is

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 6, 2017

General Sir Mike Jackson

The former head of the British Army General Sir Mike Jackson is known for his tough talking and uncompromising style. There will be a chance to hear him tell it like it is when he appears in An Audience with General Sir Mike Jackson at the Uppingham Theatre in Rutland on Friday 10th November 

After 45 years in the military, he has robust views on the support or lack of it given to our soldiers fighting in the world's trouble spots.

He may also be drawn on the military story of the moment media - the sudden resignation in the midst of sexual harassment allegations of Sir Michael Fallon as Defence Secretary and his replacement by Gavin Williamson, an MP who lacks both ministerial and defence experience.

Although he has said that the Armed Forces will be sad to see Sir Michael go, it would appear that Sir Mike was less than inspired by the Fallon regime at defence but may well have issues with the sparseness of his successor’s CV.

He told: BFBS Radio: 

 “I don’t think he (Sir Michael Fallon ) was ever going to set the world on fire, but he is a very senior politician and I think his legacy is to give the right political guidance to the country’s military capability and operations over his time in office. The history books will no doubt take a longer view.” 

With the unenviable task of trying to deal with a defence deficit budget that is tipped to reach £30 billion over the next decade, the job of Defence secretary is not for the faint-hearted

 *Sir Mike Jackson succeeded General Sir Michael Walker as Chief of general Staff (CGS)—the highest post in, the British Army— in 2003. One of the most high-profile British Army generals since the Second World War, he retired from active service in August 2006.

An Audience with General Sir Mike Jackson will be at the Uppingham Theatre in Uppingham, Rutland, on 10th November. For further information go to