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Did somebody once say that happiness was egg-shaped?

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 5, 2018

Lucy Worsley's tweet

Had to laugh when our ever-popular speaker, TV historian Lucy Worsley, took to Twitter last week to poke fun at the storyboarding skills of the director of her forthcoming Tv show on Queen Victoria.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Lucy tweeted: Enormous tantrum brewing after my discovery of our Queen Victoria TV programme direcfor’s secret planning document. Apparently she sees me as an egg saying ‘blah, blah, blah’. Attached was the photograph (right). Ha, ha! Perhaps she was merely channeling the gist of one of the crucial points made by Lucy about the public’s perception of the remarkable 19th century monarch. 

Like her talks on Queen Victoria, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow for Clive Conway Productions, the Tv programme will no doubt reassess what Victoria was actually like and it seems that in reality she was far from perpetually ‘unamused’

Indeed her talks which celebrate the 200th anniversary of Victoria’s birth next May are promoted with the words: “Queen Victoria: a little old lady, spherical in shape, dressed in black, perpetually grumpy. Right? Lucy Worsley wants to make you think again”. Spherical in shape eh? I’ll just leave that there. 

Of course just as Lucy isn’t an egg, Queen Victoria wasn’t quite the way she is so often portrayed. Daughter, Wife, Mother and Widow introduces us to a complex, contradictory woman, who had a traumatic childhood, who loved dancing, who suffered calamity and bereavement, before coming out the other side as an eccentric, powerful and really rather magnificent old lady. Lucy presents her 90 minute documentary about Queen Victoria on BBC 2. Watch out for it in the autumn schedules and she'll also be back next year with Clive Conway Productions taking her illustrated Queen Victoria talk to more venues.