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Desmond Tutu's heartfelt prayer for unity in South Africa

By: stagedoorscribbler - November 27, 2017

Archbishop Desmond Tutu giving his Prayer for South Africa on Sunday.

There were moving scenes in Johannesburg yesterday as tens of thousands heard Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu share a heartfelt prayer for South Africa.

Speaking at The National Day of Prayer at the city’s FNB Stadium, the 86-year-old the Nobel Peace Prize winning veteran anti apartheid campaigner pleading for  citizens to remember that we are part of one "human' family".

Tutu's message, broadcast by the South African Council of Churches, was delivered to a crowd made up of  people from more than 30 faith-based organisations and churches from across the country.

Sponsored by the Motsepe Foundation, the event aimed  to get people to praying  for unity and a better future for South Africa.

Tutu’s prayer recited a list those who had led the fight for social and political justice including Walter Sisulu, Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela.

These people, he said, were among those who had led the journey 'out of our bondage into the freedom of the children of God’. But he warned there was still terrible inequality. 

His prayer continued: “We have not done as well as your children should have done. A few have become very, very rich while a very large majority remain in the bondage of poverty, squalor, living in shacks in filthy conditions. We have broken your heart and you are weeping over us.” 

He pleaded “Wake us up, shake us up!”as he asked that people realise that we are all  ‘Sisters and brothers bound together by bonds that will never be broken.” One human family.