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Desmond Tutu features on Desert Island Discs 75th anniversary celebration

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 1, 2018

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Photograph by Hattie Miles

It was lovely to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu featured among key guests in the impressive history of the BBC Radio 4’s Desert island Discs.

The perennially popular programme which famously asks guests which eight records they would take with them should they be cast away on a mythical desert island was celebrating its 75th anniversary this week.

Since its war-time launch in the 1940s there have been four presenters  starting with its creator Roy Plomley who was followed by Michael Parkinson, Sue Lawley and current host Kirsty Young. 

Between them they have interviewed more 3,000 guests including Desmond Tutu who appeared on the show in 1994, just months after South Africa held its first free post-apartheid election.

He spoke to then host Sue Lawley about his first memories of being in  during the  swinging 60s and the sense of freedom he experienced simply walking the streets. Such a huge contrast to the curfew restrictions he had been used cot in South Africa.

Just for the record (no pun intended) the music he chose included Beethoven, Bach Mozart, Ravel, Glenn Miller, Natalie and Nat King Cole, the Imilonji Choral Society  and the USA for Africa recording We Are the World.

Guests are also asked to choose a luxury. Desmond Tutu chose an ice-cream maker “especially for rum and raisin”