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Desmond Tutu among religious leaders condemning gay conversion therapy

By: stagedoorscribbler - January 11, 2021

Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Photograph by Hattie Miles

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is among hundreds of religious leaders from all over  the world who  are campaigning to ban the horrendous practice of gay conversion therapy.
The Nobel prize winning Archbishop is among 370 leaders of different faiths including the Chief Rabbi of Ireland David Rosen and the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, who have signed a declaration denouncing gay conversion therapy and calling for it to be banned.
The practice, which has already been outlawed in many parts of the world, can include anything from electric shock treatment to what are essentially brain-washing techniques.
Astonishingly, despite our more enlightened and the increased diversity of the 21st century there are still extremists who believe it is their duty to  attempt to change people’s sexuality.
Alarmingly gay conversion therapies are still not actually illegal in the UK despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing the practice as "absolutely abhorrent”
The government says it has commissioned research and will outline its plans in due course.
Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu van Furth, daughter of Archbishop Tutu said: ”There are many LGBT+ people who suffer emotional hurt and physical violence to the point of death in countries across the world. For this reason, we are joining forces as faith leaders to say that we are all beloved children of God."