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Dame Vera celebrates 103rd biurthday with inspiring video message

By: stagedoorscribbler - March 23, 2020

Dame Vera Lynn photographed in 1962

During the dark days of wartime Forces Sweetheart Vera Lynn inspired a generation. Her songs of love and hope helped keep spirits high when things looked impossibly bleak.
She was just a slip of girl from the East End of London but unforgettable ands stirring songs like White Cliffs of Dover and We’ll Meet Again would ensured that she would never be forgotten.

How wonderful then that the singer, now of course Dame Vera Lynn, celebrated her 103rd birthday on Friday (20th March) by appearing in a new video designed to keep our present generation smiling through the rigours and uncertainties of the coronavirus crisis.
As we grapple with the uncertainties of how to repel and defeat an invisible killer enemy, the feelgood footage shows vintage Vera Lynn performances plus a new message recorded specially by the redoubtable centenarian.
Dame Vera’s  voiceover urges those listening to keep smiling and singing.
She says:  “We are facing a very challenging time at the moment, and I know many people are worried about the future. I am greatly encouraged that despite these struggles we have seen people joining together. They are supporting one another, reaching into the homes of their neighbours by offering assistance to the elderly and sending messages of support and singing into the streets. Music is so good for the soul, and during these hard times we must all help each other to find moments of joy. Keep smiling and keep singing”
While much has been said in recent weeks about the ‘wartime’ spirit, it should be remembered that coronavirus poses a very different kind of threat. However Dame Vera’s advice to help and support each other holds good. Keep smiling through and stay well.